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Collateral Change Calculation

Current blockcount: 29756
Coin Stats:
Masternode count (ENABLED): 100 masternodes
Masternode ROI:2800% / 13 days
First Reward Time:~ 4 hours 10 minutes
Reward Frequency:~ 1 hours 40 minutes
Earnings Stats:
Todays Value:1 MARIA0.09 USD
Hourly income: 319.68 MARIA27.75 USD
Daily income:7672.32 MARIA666.12 USD
Weekly income:53706.24 MARIA4662.82 USD
Monthly income:230169.6 MARIA19983.53 USD
Yearly income:2800396.8 MARIA239802.33 USD
Collateral Value:0.44500000 BTC8682.09 USD
Trading Volume:0.05269394 BTC1028.08 USD


Masternode Structure

Reward Masternode

Coin Description:
Maria Coin is a masternode cryptocurrency coin for the Maria ecosystem.

It is intended to be used as the cryptocurrency, rather than just being stored in the attic.

Total supply? Unlimited! We don't believe that anybody should limit anything in this world.

Maria Coin main website (in the 1st stages) is located at https://www.mariacoin.com/

MARIA Core Wallet (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
The official MARIA wallet is MARIA Core Wallet. It is the best choice if a person are also looking to stake your coins and earn a staking rewards.


HostMaria.com (web hosting company) is a part of Maria ecosystem. HostMaria has over 3.5 thousand active users. You can already pay for any Cloud hosting plan with Maria coin (at the moment it is a manual process).

What we plan to do Next:

1) Maria Payments (the idea is based on cryptocurrencycheckout.com). We plan to develop Maria Payments > a Non-Custodial Payment Gateway providing plugins for various ecommerce CMSs that make accepting multiple cryptocurrencies for their products and services as easy as entering your wallet addresses. We will definitely integrate most decent PoS coins.

2) MariaCX - Maria Coin Exchange. This will be a very large project and we have potential investors we are already talking with about it. MariaCX will the a cruptocurrency coin exchange to buy and sell various cruptocurrencies. We will offer an easy-to-use platform, that will allow you to buy and sell cruptocurrency with ease. And, all the trading pairs with Maria Coin could have 0% fees.

We love number 8 (can you find it in our logo?).
Premine: 8'888'888
Every block has a reward (for the Treasury, masternodes and stakers): 888 $Maria coins, and 88.8 (or 10%) will go to the Treasury.

Treasury (the idea is based on the DASH Treasury). We have 2 Treasuries: #1 is the decentralized one, and the 2nd Treasury centralised.

The future is bright for $Maria.